h.a.r.p.o. (how about resisting powerful organisations) is a new Australian venture created by Robert Whyte and Anne Jones to publish books featuring Brisbane, especially Brisbane noir. h.a.r.p.o. revives the name Graham Cathcart and Bomber Perrier used for radical cultural activities in the late 1960s and early 1970s. A significant predecessor was Foco on Sunday nights in Trades Hall. Later manifestations of Brisbane cultural activity in the same spirit included Radio 4ZZZ and the Cane Toad Times. Photo left to right: Bomber Perrier with Where Angel Fears To Tread, Anne Jones with Eccentric Voices: A scrapbook of Brisbane cultural history 1965–1995 (launched 1 November at State Library of Queensland) and Robert Whyte with Where Angel Fears To Tread.

Where Angel Fears To Tread
by Robert Perrier
ISBN-13: 978-0-6485191-2-6

Launch 6–8 pm Friday 8 November 2019 Avid Reader 193 Boundary St West End Book online or call 3846 3422 Launch includes Bomber Perrier and Dave McGuire performing the song Simone and the hit man. Cover: David with the Head of Goliath, Caravaggio 1610. Author photo by Mark Crocker.


Robert “Bomber” Perrier’s debut novel Where Angel Fears To Tread is the story of Frank Angel, a hit man for a syndicate of Brisbane high-fliers. Between kills, Frank lives in a Highgate Hill penthouse listening to Bach, looking at Peg Rutkowski paintings on his walls or reading books in his library. Whenever the spirit takes him, he can afford to travel to Europe to feed his passion for classical art and music.  When he meets art gallery attendant Simone Laverne, his world begins to unravel. 

Eccentric Voices: A scrapbook of Brisbane cultural history 1965–1995 edited by Anne Jones and Robert Whyte 

Launch 1 November 2019, Red Box, State Library of Queensland 6–8 pm.



Eccentric Voices records the battles to drag Brisbane out of the past, to break out of the bible-bashing boredom of a public culture dominated by old blokes in bad hats, crooked cops and ladies in league against communism. 

Sixteen essays and a timeline of the period, 278 pages, full colour throughout. For more information call  Anne Jones 0438 047 910 or email anne@toadshow.com.au

Songwriter producer Jordon Rothstein  won best film score for the film Union in the NYU Film Festival, was music supervisor for independent film Falling Sky, starring Karen Allen and Brittany Murphy and has worked with The Gorillaz as a musician and music supervisor. He teaches piano and performs as a jazz pianist in the New York City area.

Black and White Night Owls inhabit the cities of the future in which the sunset is no longer colourful due to staff shortages and dwindling supplies of magic crayons. Never without humor, always with a glimpse of the darker side, Black and White Night Owls is fashioned from mysterious, spiralling reflections on life. Download this free sample.